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Gabby O.

Wife of Evangelist in Romania

"I think it’s hands of God and I pray you continue to do this in the future and help, because many people are in my situation… probably worse than mine."

I would really strongly encourage people to support 1213. It has made a huge difference for me. It’s a very special resource that 1213 has put together that allows Christians all over to know about and help one another in a way that wasn’t necessarily always there before.

"I believe we all have a desire to do good within us and a lot of times just don’t know how to do it. We don’t know who needs help and organizations like 1213 provide that information. It’s able to point to Christians that need help and it allows us avenues as individuals to be able to do good work that we desire to do as Christians."

Don L.

Nancy B.

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When you support 1213 you help sick Christians with their medical bills

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